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יבואן תיקי עור יוקרתיים מאיטליה Tuscanybags

TUSCANY leather bags are the perfect expression for the quality of Italian art, attention to detail and customer care. During many years of activity, we have provided our customers with leather bags and leather fashion accessories made in Italy that offer only the best products on the market. Our years of experience and certification in working with leather allow us to offer Italian leather bags and leather products to the best women and men in the world. Unique, modern and elegant products, authentic products of Tuscan art excellence with a tradition of thousands of years from the best Tuscan leather artists.One of our main goals is always to promote and offer leather bags for women and men of the highest quality, while choosing the best leather accessories manufactured by expert craftsmen in the territory of Italy.High quality materials and attention to these details are the characteristics that make our works authentic and represent Tuscan art. The excellence of our products is for us the result of an Italian tradition and contemporary values ​​of leather products that meet contemporary modern needs and ergonomics. Launch of new trends and respect for the environment. Art that is open to the future, to an authentic lifestyle in harmony, and expresses the great value we want to represent by selling an excellent product.The love for tradition and art is reflected in all our leather bags and is an important component of our development without sacrificing our sources and our high quality standards

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