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Tuscany bags: Leather bag for men and women

Tuscany Bags

Leather handbags for men and women:

Every man or woman business owner - needs a professional leather bag organizes and holds what you need when you are out and about.

Meeting with clients at the conference? A business trip? Arrangements ? A bag is a must !!

Some tips worth considering before buying a quality professional leather bag:

Purpose: The first thing to consider is how will you use your portfolio? Do you carry a laptop or tablet with you? Do you "carry" a lot of paperwork with you?

Do you need space for samples? Answering these questions before you start your shopping trip can save valuable time.

Straps: In order to ensure that your bag will not send you for a physical therapy visit, it is important to choose a bag with a comfortable strap that fits across your shoulder.

The shoulder strap sits on the muscles located between the spine and the shoulder, and puts pressure on the area. If the shoulder strap is too narrow or too wide

, Very soon you will start to feel uncomfortable !!!

Place the bag on your shoulder and go for a "walk" around the store before you buy the bag, to make sure the width of the strap fits well to your shoulder frame.

Style: Specific styles can give your bag a professional look. Try to stay away from obvious trends. Go for a classic look that will stand the test of time.

You should choose genuine leather or durable fabric. If your choice is the fabric, it is best to have it "weather resistant". A weather resistant bag helps prevent stains.

Pockets: Although a bag with lots of pockets and compartments looks like a good bet, many of them just will not fit what you need. Pockets may be too large and your belongings will disappear into the darkness. It is important to find out what serves you. Chiropractors say that it is important that your bag does not exceed 10% of your body weight !

Leather bags: Leather bags should be strong with an inner lining. It is recommended to stay away from bags with handles that are not sewn along the edges and only glued. These handles will eventually fall apart.

Look for zippers and other high quality hardware accessories. Zippers should slide smoothly. Buttons and other buckles should open easily. Keep in mind that the more "parts" there are in your bag - the more ways your bag can be broken. Although we are not interested in emptying the bank account, a quality portfolio is an investment and should serve you in a way that is typical of you.

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